Monday, 8 December 2014

Company branding and website developement

In order to develop myself as a professional photographer I need to have modern legible branding that is in keeping with my style of photography. Before starting this project I already had branding and a website in place but it was becoming dated, so I decided to refresh my company logos and styling. 
I started with a new business card, I wanted a strong new image that reflected my current photography so I chose to use one from my shoot with Racheal Fraser as I think this is one of the strongest images I have shot to date.

I wanted my business card to reflect my own style, slightly messy and hands on but with an air of refinement and professionality. To try and encompass these themes within my card I degraded the image with scribbles and areas of very low saturation, I think this helps create a more approachable company image. 
I now needed to develop my website to match my cards, this was a relatively simple task as I use a online portfolio company called Veiwbook. This online app allows me to update my website from anywhere with ease and has a wide range of adjustable features such as the style of galleries, home pages, and navigation around the site. Viewbook is based on standardised W3C coding which allows it to be readable on all common internet browsers (chrome, safari etc.) and works well with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
The redevelopment of my website was mostly just basic colour changes to fit the business cards, previously my site was grey, and to update the logo. 

I also changed my home page from a single static image to a gallery of some of my best shots from the site. This allows people to instantly see a variety of images and works well to hook them into the rest of the site, a very important factor as on average a person looks at a site for nine seconds, then decides if they want to keep looking.

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