Monday, 8 December 2014

Incident room shoot

This was a brief I undertook for collage, we were set the task of creating an image round the title "incident room." The image we created had to show narrative and a high level of technical application.

The model is Ellen Woud -





This was a testing shoot. If something could have gone wrong it did, but despite this I still ended up capturing some beautiful images. The two main issues I encountered on this shoot were access and lighting, both of which are easily dealt with by means of more stringent planning. My first issue upon arriving at the discovery museum was access to the room I wanted to use. I had discussed use of one of the rooms with an employee of the museum and had been told to pop in whenever I wanted so long as I didn't get in the way of the running of the building. Unfortunately on the day I chose to shoot the museum was closing early to tidy up after a large event, after some discussion with the curator I was granted ten minuets in the room I wanted to use - perfect timing for the flash to fail. Despite this I endeavoured to shoot using available light, thankfully I had a very good model who could hold a striking pose for the relatively long exposure times needed to capture the scene. Although this was a very stressful scenario, it has helped me to understand the realities of working within a professional environment, where situations can change very fast and require you to be adaptable if you wish to get good end results. However productivity can definitely be raised by careful planning ensuring that future shoots run smoothly.

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