Tuesday, 9 December 2014

skills development and achievement in relation to potential future careers

Over the last three years I have been honing my professional photography skill set, through many collage and personal projects as well as with friends and clients. I have increased my technical knowledge ten fold and use a camera with confidence. I regularly take pictures in night clubs, challenging my skills as a photographer in many ways. I have found this is a brilliant testing ground for new ideas and creative experiments.

The first three photographs are from a recent night I photographed "Lively Up Presents Iration Steppas" and reflect my current skill level in photography. The images are sharp but with a shallow depth of field to highlight the subject, they have strong colours and use natural light with well balanced contrast. the composition and crop of the images is strong and adheres to the compositional rules. This is a strong contrast to the earlier imagery I was capturing in clubs.

This image is from 2012, it was shot in the same DJ booth as the first image and illustrates well how much my photography has changed. The lighting in this shot is predominantly on camera flash, which flattens the image and takes away any cinematic qualities of the ambient lighting. The timing of the shot is also no where near the standard of my work today, clearly demonstrating the progression of my skills.

I am aiming to push my work towards editorial and magazine photography rather than clubs as I find I much prefer working on location with models, rather than in clubs. In order to advance my skills in this area I have been taking many more photographs with models, using natural and flash lighting. I have been trying to incorporate lifestyle, detail and portrait photography into my daily routine, combined with self driven projects to test my editorial skills. Below are a few portraits taken whilst at a restaurant.

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