Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sleepy Hollow & corset shoot with costume designer Racheal Fraser.

Rachel Fraser is a costume designer based in Edinburgh, she approached me to make a set of editorial / fashion images to show case her work. Rachel already had a clear idea of location, models and poses which made my life much easier! Below are some of the images from the day along with evaluation of the shoot.








We were aiming for relaxed images, with cool muted colours to reflect the beautiful hues of the turning autumn heather. To try and capture the images that Rachel needed, I realised I would have to use a combination of techniques, utilising wide apertures and off camera flash to create modern eye catching images. I tried to make good use of poses within these shots, the pose in image II. is meant to be very reflective as the model is looking out to a landscape we cannot see, implying perhaps she is looking on to things we cannot understand, to a future we cannot see. This is re-enforced by the direction she is looking, as in a western world when we see someone looking from left to right, the brain picks this out as progression due to the direction which we read and consider the movement of time to flow. However this feeling of progression is juxtaposed by the somewhat uneasy positioning of her arm, an attempt to show quite how daunting it can be to step into the unknown. I used a mixture of natural light, fill flash and off camera flash to create a diverse range of images that still flow as a set. In image V. I used a combination of off camera flash to light the model balanced with the ambient light of the scene to create a rim light on the hair, thus drawing the eye straight to the model.

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